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Pale Blue Lab

Helping Makers Make!

A humble Makerspace located in the beautiful Santa Cruz forest. A safe space for people from all walks of Earth to collaborate and create! Anything you want to acomplish, we will try our best to help you succeed!

Safe Space

All walks of life are welcome! No judgments here! Collaboration and Creation thrives!

n00b Friendly

All skill levels are welcome here. All that is required is the will to create! We'll help out with the rest.


Our Makerspace is outdoors! This way, you can take inspiration from nature as you work, while enjoying fresh air at the same time!

Student Friendly

With a verified student email or other proof of recent student status, you will get you 50% off the standard membership! Only $5/month!


Check out our constantly updated tutorials! We cover a variety of topics, from batteries, to laser cutting, to 3D printing.


Patreon and grants you special access to exclusive tutorials and grants you special status in the Discord server when you become a member.


Feel free to email us with any questions that you may have. If you have a more urgent question Discord is the place.